Dr M Indra Shekhar Rao_Director Division of Pediatrics and Neonatology

The Academic Event was a platter of several subjects well discussed and well interacted.    Dr. M. Indra Shekhar Rao

Excellent Presentations and Well Networking Sessions were there at the World Pediatrics Conference arranged by an Excellent Organisation.                Dr. Surendra Varma

Dr. Surendra Varma_Texas Tech University School of Medicine, USA Dr. Dinesh K Goel 2019 wpc speaker Dr. Leandro Braz de Carvalho 2019 WPC Speaker Dr. Surendra Varma 2019 WPC Speaker Dr. M. Indra Shekhar Rao Dr. Nakul Kothari Dr. Fareena Ahamed 2019WPC Pediatrics Conference Group Pic